MENU Worldwide // Carte Blanche // Nuit Sonore // Lyon // 2009

Worldwide // Carte Blanche // Nuit Sonore // Lyon // 2009

May 24, 2009

Headed out to Lyon on Thursday night after Mulatu & the Heliocentrics at Koko… (I thought it was a wicked show, and for those who haven’t already picked up the album it was a true example of how different musical cultures can co-incide..)


Anyway, Phil Asher, Ashley Beedle, Gilles, Ramandanman, MC Motet and Shea Soul dropped in on the Nuit Sonore Festival to deliver a Carte Blanche Worldwide Soundsytem Session… was absolutely huge!!!

DJ booth backing onto the River, 1500 people, 8 hours… killer tune after killer tune…

a more thorough rundown can be found on whoisthebpm along with a recording of my set.

Worldwide coming to Paris next Sunday (31st) for the Parisian version of the Worldwide Festival launch party at the the Nouveau Casino.

Image 3

Respect to everyone that made it down to The Arches on the 15th for the London Edition, was a really good party in the end… bug up Peter Kruder, Stereotyp and jimpster for holding it down….

hear what happened to Kruders laptop…? mashed up by a mash up punter… more evidence on why DJing via Laptop don’t work!!

Check out Tony TK Smiths photos for evidence


Full Crew will be in Bruge this weekend as well (30th) for Jazz Juice… Gilles, Lefto, Westbeech and myslef will be ripping it up over there..

It’s a new residency for myself and Lefto, so come check out the vibes all you lowlanders!!

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