MENU Worldwide Festival 2010 // Day 1

Worldwide Festival 2010 // Day 1

July 9, 2010

So we’re back in Sete for the WF… seems amazing that a whole year has passed since we were last here. Yesterday saw Half Seas Over and Dorian Concept do their thang at the CRAC in the afternoon. I missed it but Elan, Adam and the gang assured me that they “tore it up” in their own inimitable style despite the sweltering heat. As for Dorian, well he is always entertaining. I wonder if the locals enjoyed his awesome microKORG histrionics as much as I do.

Down at the main stage, the rumours about Gil-Scott Heron were unfortunately true. His band bravely took to the stage and did a sterling job without him but it just wasn’t the same. The homie LeFtO is like the postman – he always delivers – and he took the crowd through the full spectrum. He was supposed to be playing for about half an hour but he ended up spinning for about two! Fortunately his Serato crates are DEEEEPPP – so no worries there. He’s promised a video at some point but his film crew and technical support haven’t arrived yet so you’ll have to wait. It’ll be worth it though, Ridley Scott ain’t got shit on Lefto’s movie steez!

So on to the bits that I actually saw… Mala started deep but delighted the crowd with the latest Coki dubplate preposterousness before finishing with Quest’s chugging ‘Smooth Skin’ (BIGGGG! It’s on the video) and the Foreign Beggars pumped everyone up with a set of whiplash-inducing hip hop before Floating Points (with Fatima in tow) bumped his trademark blissful electro-melodics and GP finished the night off with typical panache.

Oh and I’ve got to big up Dynamite who was taking care of MC/hosting duties – sterling work!! And Boris, Franck, Ivan and all WF crew – keep on keepin’ on fellas!!!

Nice one – I’m off down the beach now – looking forward to more of the same tonight.