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Worldwide FM // Listen back to David Mancuso tribute

December 21, 2016

In late November, Worldwide FM paid tribute to the passing of David Mancuso. The founder of the New York’s legendary Loft parties, his influence is felt across all corners of contemporary club culture. Through the particular approach he insisted on in putting together a party, he set a benchmark in the environment he created for bringing people together through music.

A particular highlight was the show hosted by Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy, a friend of Mancuso’s, joined in the studio by Tim Lawrence and Jeremy Gilbert, with whom she started the Loft-inspired Lucky Cloud parties in London. Go to the recording below to hear her show.

Plus, head here to check the other tributes hosted on the radio. That includes Thris Tian hosting Detroit Swindle and Ashley Beedle, with a phone call from Jeremy Newell, and shows from Kay Suzuki with Donna Leake and Francis Inferno Orchestra.

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