March 23, 2009

I really love London when it’s sunny like that, beautiful people in the streets, little birds singing in the parks, enjoying music and public transport is more fun haha.  Going straight to the Roundhouse, a nice building you guys got there, reminds me of a similar building we have in Brussels where the festival Couleur Café takes place around end of June, you should come through by then.  Anyway, I didn’t see any of the opening shows, when we arrived it was all about Semtex I think and then straight to Gilles introducing Q-Tip.  I saw the show in Brussels last wednesday so I knew what to expect but I know how I felt when I saw him coming on stage the first time.  This guy has a lot of energy to share, and from what I saw, the crowd could really feel it down there.  Going from “The Renaissance” joints to his ATCQ all-time classics, no wonder people go crazy about all this fiiiiiiire on stage.  The atmosphere was very positive, it was all about the “love movement“; love for the music, love for the culture. Being such an innovator and key producer to A Tribe Called Quest’s succes Tip mentioned Dilla a couple of times and I thank him for that, Dilla was and still is one of the greatest if not THE greatest.  Ok, I was expecting an encore from Q-Tip but I guess that he couldn’t make it because of the timing, curfew was at 11.30pm that prevented him to come back with “Oh My God!” and “Can I Kick It?“, he did that in Brussels.
Then, the afterparty!  I was still at the Roundhouse when they told me I should’ve been at the club an hour ago…euhm, seriously? So, it was a bit of a television show where you have to run across town in 10 minutes and jump into a airport shuttle and tell him to go to the club, meaning he lost it, turning around for 5 minutes with a bad gps system ;/.  But that wasn’t the baddest part for me; When I arrived, I noticed there was a Rane TTM57 mixer connected, and I use Serato but forgot to install the plug-in that goes with it when you use that mixer, in other terms, my computer couldn’t connect to that mixer and bugged. Can you imagine my face?!!!  Luckily I had Simbad with me so I just used some of his cd’s he had, going back 2 back until Gilles arrived (who had a crazy day, you can imagine) and I had to tell him the bad news :( .  I was so lucky, he had blank cd’s with him giving me the opportunity to do at least a little something, a little.  It was a crazy moment during that night, burning cd’s as fast as my computer could, then, water on my computer dripping from the top, Q-Tip coming with a bunch of people backstage, packed.  Gilles trippin’ on Serato because not only mine but also Tip’s computer was freakin’…”bullshit” haha.  I mean this shit never happens until you get a stressful day and then everything might go wrong.  Lucky you guys didn’t really see much of that, enjoying the music.  Q-Tip went on, and I knew he was a great deejay, he actually did a very nice set from ol’skool hiphop to discofunk and more. Did he play Leon Ware? Think so.

Then I got on, with my 3 burned cd’s haha; I don’t know what it was that night but even my cd’s were trippin’, actually it stopped at a certain point, at “California Soul“, remember?  You guys were singing acappella, great, you actually saved me right there.  Then into some other gems and (fighting against the rain) until Q-Tip decided to come back, after I spinned “Electric Relaxation” and Superlover Cee‘s joint. Q-Tip at me: “I want to spin another couple of joints, can I?????“  (euhm!) then put the Common joint “E=Mc2“..BAM!  After that I got back on and thought it was the perfect timing for “Life Is Better“, and again you guys were doing an amazing job singing along.  I passed the decks to my buddy BPM rippin’ it…  What a legendary night in London; Q-Tip should come back in the summer, if he comes to your town make sure to support again, he’s the man and Gilles is the King for hooking it up.
Big thank you to the Brownswood crew, and Need2Soul for everything, and thank you Tottenham for helping Arsenal on sunday.