This Week's Guest Mix

Bay Area born and raised, Dave Aju began his life in music rooted in jazz, well versed on the drums and piano. He’s taken this musicality forward into electronic production and the more soulful edge of deep house and his 30 minutes for Worldwide follows a similar meandering journey.

GPWW 1009 – full show tracklist // listen to mix below

Nenez – No Woman No Cry (Putumayo World Music)
Okonolo – Oba (Big Crown Records)
Whites – Naturally Spineless (Whities)
Sarathy Korwar – Bhajan (Ninja Tune)
Gonjasufi – Greasemonkey (Warp)
Kefaya – Indignados (Unreleased)
San Lorenzo – Descarga Soledad (Unknown)
Gonjasufi – Your Maker (Warp)
Dave Aju – Orbrun (Musik Krause)
Dani Siciliano – Gone Are Those Days (Circus Company)
Jon1st & Tehbis – Atmosphere Flip (Unreleased)
Omar – I Want To Be (Freestyle)
Reginald Omas Mamode IV – Omas Sextet (Five Easy Pieces)

break for ::Worldwide Family Mixtape – Dave Aju:: listen below

Kinkajous – Cloud Four (Werkha Remix) (White Label)
Sean Escofery – Ain’t No Time (Evergreen)
Gregory Charles Royal – Take A Ride To Heaven (High Jazz)
George Duke – Brazilian Sugar (Epic)
Luiza Maura – Deixa Girar (Copacabana)
Arnoldo Medeiros – Flamengo 2×1 (RCA Camden)
Thad Jones – Baby I Can’t Get Over You (Metronome)

Dave Aju - RSHT (Musik Krause)
KAMM - Where's Ralf? (Intimate Friends)
Dave Aju - Get It (Lessizmore)
Dave Aju - Find A Lover (Music For Freaks)
Thatmanmonkz - Turn It Out (Dave Aju Remix) (Delusions Of Grandeur)
Dave Aju - Boom Yeah (Accidental)
Dave Aju - L.A.S.T. (Black Catalogue)