Anthony Naples

This Week's Guest Mix

Anthony Naples’ journey defies the conventions of contemporary dance music. With no social media presence and no manager to tell him what’s what, he has full control of his own fate. Entering a crowded house scene in 2012, the only noise he made was with his music. No media strategy, just pop the track on YouTube and see who likes it. Turns out a lot of people did, and since then he’s continued the same non-imposing approach and put out record after record of well-received left-field club music, finding homes with Mister Saturday Night, Trilogy Tapes and Four Tet’s Text imprint.

With his debut album just out on the latter, Anthony has put together a 30 minute mix that stretches from Fleetwood Mac to Theo Parrish. Listen below with a full tracklist from the GPWW show it was taken from.

Body Pill LP is out now on Text Records.

GPWW 941

Kendrick Lamar – For Free? (Interlude) (Aftermath/Interscope)
Anthony Naples – Abrazo (Text)
Truccy – Sidestep (Black Compost)
The Hellen Hollins Singers – Consolation (Nicolas Jaar Edit) (Other People)
Nostalgia 77 & The Monster – Measures (Tru Thoughts)
Ego Ella May – How Far (White Label)
Earl Sweatshirt – Faucet (Columbia)
Reckless Breed – Prepare Jah Man (Rawse Records)
Meta Meta – Oranmila (Goma Gringa Discos)
Orchestra De Cotonou – Mede Ma Gnin Messe (Goma Gringa Discos)
Jean-Marie Bolongassa – Disna Ngai (Sofrito)
Junior Peterkin and the Idrins – Babylon Take I Down (Idrins Records)
Soul Syndicate – Now You’re Gone (Wackies)
Jerry Johnson – Zion Rock (City Line Records)

::Worldwide Family Mixtape – Anthony Naples:: (mix tracklist at the bottom)

Ihsan Al Munzer – Jamileh (Fortuna Records)
Genesis – That’s All (2007 Remaster)
Michel Polnareff – Voyages (Disc’Az)
Ned Doheney – Get It Up For Love (Numero Group)
Matthew Larkin Cassell – Heaven (White Label)
Warmth – Praise Poems (Tramp)
Eden Ahbez – Full Moon (Black Sweat Records)
Gaby Hernandez – Entranced (White Label)
Hiatus Kaiyote – Jekyll (Flying Buddha)

Unknown - Speech (Edit) (White Label)
Moe Whittemore - Slammin (700 West)
Fleetwood Mac - Dragonfly (Reprise)
Michael Angelo - Nubian Queen (Mexican Summer)
J-88 - Things You Do (Madlib Remix) (Groove Attack)
Theo Parrish - Long Walk In Your Sun (Sound Signature)
Atmosfear - Invasion (Elite)
Dream Love - Be My Man, Woman (Twosyllable)
Cool Notes - My Tune (Jama Music)