Natty Ho

This Week's Guest Mix

Commonly known as the ‘blues’ of the Indian Ocean, Séga is the traditional music of Mauritius, born out of the slave trade from the 17th Century onwards. Seeking relief from harsh conditions in sugar cane fields, workers would dance to improvised music incorporating rhythms from their homelands in West Africa, Mozambique, Zanzibar or Madagascar. Though initially looked down upon, by the mid-1960s séga had become a symbol of national pride and identity for Mauritius and went international, once mixed with the funk, soul and jazz influences of the age.

To celebrate séga’s rich sound and history, Strut and DJ duo La Basse Tropicale have pulled together a collection of sounds from the 70s titled Soul Sok Sega. To mark its release, one half of said duo - Natty Hô – has put together a 30 minute mix of sounds from the Indian ocean.

Soul Sok Sega is out now. Grab it from the Strut website

GPWW 983 – full show tracklist

Chihiro Butterfly  – Ayota (Hashya Melodies) (Unreleased)
Submotion Orchestra & Andrew Ashong – Needs (Counter Records)
Culross Close – Spark (Sound of Speed)
Jeen Bassa – Not A Fighter (22a)
Kiran Kai feat. Jordan Rakei & Bdrsk – Get Along (Unreleased)
Raury – Kingdom Come (Columbia)
Gill Scott Heron – Did You Hear What They Said? (XL)
Sun Ra – Trying To Put The Blame On Me (Strut)
Chancha Via Ciurcuito – Sauce (King Coya Remix) (Wonderwheel Recordings)
Mala – Kotos (Brownswood Recordings)
Henry & Louis – Rise Up (Pinch Remix) (2Kings Records)
Kahn – Over Deh So (Deep Medi Musik)
Georges Jean Louis – Afro Mauricien
::Worldwide Family Mixtape – Dinh aka ::
Listen below 

Janko Nilovic – Drug Song (Dare-Dare)
Little Simz & Bad Bad Not Good – Our Conversations (Free Download)
Larry Young – Beyond All Limits (Unity)
RJD2 feat. Jordan Brown - Peace of What (RJ’s Electrical Connections)
Joseph Santa maria – Apix Groob (Bandcamp White Label)
Remi Kay – Hole In My Pocket (New Los Angeles)
Letherette – Rayon (Ninja Tune)
Alpman – After Work (Bandcamp White Label)
Peverelist – Undulate (Livity Sound)
Joker – Mixed Emotions (Kapsize)


Les Stardust - Sega Lenoir (Strut)
Ti L'Afrique - Soul Sock Sega (Disques Capricorne)
Catherine Velienne - Mo Mari Fini Allé (Disques Capricorne)
Georgie Joe - Femme Qui Péna Mari (Do Re Mi)
Coulouce - Beau Père (Soredisc Reunion)
Claudio - Bhai Aboo (Disques Issa)
Claudio - Bonom Chinois (Disques Issa)
John Kenneth Nelson - Manuel Bitor (Strut)
George Gabriel - Pop Sega (Do Re Mi)