MENU WWU x Slowfusion @ Rome, Italy

WWU x Slowfusion @ Rome, Italy

May 4, 2009


Yessss the WWU concept went in-ter-nazionale this weekend, I think it was the first time, so let’s celebrate…  The bPm and myself invited by Romans’ Alex Paletta and Massimo Voci longside DJ Coppola for a splendid adventure into Rome’s nightlife.  The whole night went down at Rialto, a venue known by students and underground people in the city, it’s actually an old school somewhere in the heart of town not far from every historical monument in the city.  That’s the beautiful thing about Rome, the mother of all cities, la bella Roma, the open air museum; everything you touch there is history and don’t talk shit about A.S. Roma or Lazio or you’re definitely history :)
bPm and the birdssunlight at pantheon
Alex & Massimo picked us up at the airport Fiumicino, (it’s funny because it’s an airport next to the other one, they have 3 in Rome) to go straight to the pizzeria, no joke, it was Pizza Rustica, and of course I couldn’t choose, too much good stuff, you know how that goes… then straight to the hotel, lay down a minute then to the venue for soundcheck, not like we’re singing but just to check if the gear is fine ;) .  Went to a very nice restaurant to eat some typical Italian speciality, pizza… not that everything is pizza here, Italy has lots of different food but it’s just that you can’t go to Italy without eating a lot of pizza.
Back to the venue, like I said before, Rialto was a school before it got closed down, now it’s a venue where you can enjoy music, theatre and outside, the playground where the kids used to play they re-arranged it into a bar and a terrace but still with basketball rims (no ball unfortunately!).  It took the people a while before the came in (DJ Coppola put on some new tracks by Luke Vibert, cool…), it was a hot night and that might’ve been the reason why, one of the first real spring days in Rome… the party started around 00.30 and I thought it would be good if I started it, so that people would understand the whole thing of tonite, different types of music in a short amount of time and from there, if they are still dancing, you’re good till the early morning, that’s what I did…
…and it worked out fine, people came in very fast and stayed in, we even had a bodyguard in the front of our booth taking care of the massive people coming too close!  Gave the headphone to THE bPm who banged some crazy house & techno tunes (maaan, make sure to give me the tracklist of that cd), yeah really going hard and deep man…  it really felt good to see the crowd go wild like that, it makes you realise that there’s a world out there in need of different music, different vibes and we are there to help them, we are scientists.
The night ended with a nice set by the two residents Massimo Voci and Alex Paletta, really funky set, mash-ups, breaks, all good and ending their set with reggae!!!  The night wasn’t really over yet, bPm had to leave the day after and he didn’t see anything at all of Rome so at 4.30am I told him, let’s do this… and we walked, through the streets of an empty Roma, visiting everything, from the Colosseo to the Forum and Palatino… that’s amazing, we felt like the two last citizens on earth, really!  By the way, here’s a video about all this:[youtube=]

Really want to thank everybody involved in the first in-ter-nazionale edition of WWU, first of all Alex & Massimo, thanks for everything, from the minute we landed until we left you guys were definitely family (i mean you still are haha…), DJ Coppola, the other friendly guys we met, Moon Safari, Slowfusion, many thanks, it was all love.