MENU 14 sleeps to go until Worldwide Festival 2012

14 sleeps to go until Worldwide Festival 2012

June 19, 2012

So the time has come again… our 7th year in this wonderful region of France… Can we reach the heights of recent years?? That’s what I used to say every Sunday on the way out of Dingwalls with Zinger and Pat Forge – Can it get any better than this?? Well indeed it did… as long as the music is pure and honest and fresh and sexy we’re all good!

As you can see the marathon has been pushed with an additional 24 hours… yes an unofficial Monday landing followed by 6 full on midday till 5am sessions… Will I personally be able to shake the hand of every performer? I certainly intend to. In fact having been a DJ at most festivals it always touches me when the organiser comes and says hi – big up Rob Da Bank!

Every single artist has been chosen personally by me and for that reason I accept any responsibility for any musical catastrophes… having been there a few times myself I’m sure I can explain any misfortune that may have announced itself to our performer and of course we all love a little trauma now and then!

As you probably know the idea of this gathering has always been to create a ‘festival’ type platform for the sort of artists that I play on the radio and in those ‘babylon’ back rooms – from the tropical to the bass via the heritage – from Tinawiren to Mala via Glasper… and it’s been working.

The festival came about as a result of a meeting between a collective called Freshly Cut and myself over 9 years ago. Being a regular at their club The Rockstore in Montpellier for several years I immediately realised I’d met kindred souls – it was refreshing to play at all their events – they ‘got’ the UK club culture I was coming from… So after having curated an annual night at the Montreux Jazz Festival for a decade the time had come for me to embark on a new adventure with Guillaume, Boris, Franck and Ivan – and a small happening began below the Theatre de la Mer in the summer of 2005. Around 400 people showed up: 50/50 UK/French and the heat was on!
A few years later and the festival has reached its limit, having been careful not to commercially sell out whilst staying organic and close to the family. In fact last year’s beach situation resembled a bit too much of a generic rave at times which is why we’ve ‘downsized’ ourselves and found a new home nearer the town!

Yes its true, it’s not as straight forward as most festivals where you sleep, dance and eat in the same zone – but it seems like the freedom of the worldwide is made for the high end individual that you are… independent and exploratory! And of course in Sete we have a magnificent gem of a town, still unaffected like many parts of the Cote d’Azur up the road – in fact Sete couldn’t be better with its rich cultural history (George Brassens), mad fishermen, local delicacies (la tielle – spicy octopus pie) and incredible amphitheatre – undoubtedly the best live venue in the world!

If you came last year you’ll still probably have goosebumps from ‘that’ James Blake performance… or the moment Flying Lotus dropped his Astral Plane… In fact there were so many… Saadiq’s elongated version of ‘The Answer’… or Kode9′s last tune(s)… or the bPm Boilerooming from deep in the Med… or simply the funk of Dam Funk (RIP Jovan “J-1″ Coleman) and the joy of The Pyramids…
for me this festival is the summer culmination of my life in music… and without any overhype I think we’ve got our best line up so far… it’s BIG!

I hope to see you somewhere over the next few days and thank you so much for supporting our annual aural pilgrimage.

with excitement