MENU 6 hour BEATDoWN...!!

6 hour BEATDoWN…!!

June 18, 2009

It’s no secret that I’m very partial to my disco electro business…

The closer ‘proximity to Detroit the BETTER…!!!

An 1 hr 8 mins into the 2nd half  of a 6 hour mix from The Detroit Beatdown on Bleep43…. and well?

You can imagine…?!


T.B.H? It’s a kinda guilty pleasure?

I’m thnking of thick humid nights, sea air, funktion one speakers, fish and wondering how i’m spinning out to “relight my fire”?

my neck hurts?!!!

part one on the d/l now….


are the one’s for me right now.

Their first EP HF21… (as it says my itunes?) was n experimental blend of sounds and arrangment….  “maybes” has been dropped in mixes by DJ’s as fat apart as Hell & Simbad.


HF023 – Sketch on Glass is the perfect compliment…

I played Fifty Mile View last night at Life… was a wicked session….

Really enjoyed the set my Soulgeance –> a mean little combo between Fulgeance and Dj Soulist


The EP is out now…. and there’ a track “manana” on the upcoming Brownswood Bubblers vol.4

and also shouts to Shuya Okino who dropped “Boujis Boujis” is a shared selection  in my box as well as Ashley Beedle and seemingly Phil Ashers..

…. and while we’re on it.

subway lpnew copy

NEW on Soul Jazz… as well as a Pearson Sound 12″ and refixes from Ramadanman and Kutz of the Ragga Twins

STeP OuuuuuuT!!!

the bPm