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December 6, 2012

It’s been a while that we needed a new lick of paint and here it is…thank you Mita, Lee and Ben…the new homebase for all my shnibbles and shnabbles from the radio to festival to gigs to all that’s going down at the label….
After the year that I’ve had I’m really glad to not only be back in my old digs in N4 but also to have this platform to develop all that I love so much from switching radio stations, celebrating my 7th year in Sète to releasing the Mala in Cuba album its been quite a year!

The BBC 6 Music show that I now occupy on Saturday afternoon’s is just beginning to click now…and I’m loving it. The freedom I have to go from the heritage stuff to all that’s amazing with music and art today…and the management gets it…phew!

Being able to interview such a great range of artists from Doug and Jean Carn to Bobby Womack to Koreless … and this new website can now allow you to hear all the different strands of broadcasting that I partake in ..from the more indulgent podcasts to the Worldwide syndicated show that is different to the BBC one to random shows and live streams from the original Brownswood Basement under the Brownswood FM …just watch for the red light.. soon to come!

Call me mad but running a record label has never been more fun… and Brownswood’s roster is looking Hot for 2013 with a clutch of new signings (announcements coming soon) and second albums from Gang Colours… Zara McFarlane… Owiny Sigoma… just the way I want it… plus all the Brownswood comps…

All my daily movements and that of the label can now be followed here.
I’d like to thank every one for all their encouragement and support for what I do and I hope that I can continue to inspire you with more music over the years to come.

Gilles Peterson.