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Amsterdam Dance Event

September 30, 2008

Like Wow; As you can see this might be something you’d like to book a flight or train ticket for.  Where?  To Amsterdam!  Because on that weekend it’s the Amsterdam Dance Event (and that’s the 12th year they doin’ this). and invite their favourite labels and artists. From Thursday through Saturday, K-Space will host the intimate K-Space Sessions where you can hear, see, enjoy and meet the artists up close and personal; It will be followed by 2 night time sessions (on Thursday & Saturday).  The price is free (good, in these hard times we’re facing) and the line-up is fire! Boom…
On Thursday night we’ll have a Brownswood Recordings party at Bar Struik with Gilles, bPm and myself. Make sure to be there early because the venue is small (but nice, been there a couple of times, enjoyed it!).
I could translate this in Dutch too but every Dutchman understands the English language (In general).
So, be a part of this interesting night and if you need more info on this go to: WWW.KSPACE.TV

See you there…