MENU Anushka - The Constant // **FREE DOWNLOAD**

Anushka – The Constant // **FREE DOWNLOAD**

September 24, 2013

Having spent the summer flitting between dark, sweaty club spaces and sun-drenched festival stages, Anushka drop the anthemic ‘The Constant’ – the sonic equivalent of an iron fist hidden beneath a silk glove. Founded on an insistent, nagging one-note synth line – the yin to Victoria’s graceful vocals, it’s a juggernaut of a tune, slowly building to an aching crescendo when the drums finally crash in, bolstered by a wrecking ball bassline.

Anushka splashed onto the UK’s dynamic dance music underground back in April, announcing their arrival with the ‘Yes Guess EP’ – a trio of club tracks that effortlessly married scattered snares, rumbling low end and captivating melodies with fragile, soulful vocals. Rinsed by the likes of Karizma; Brackles (Rinse); LeFtO (StuBru); Pedestrian; Moxie (BBC Radio 1 INDJsWT / NTS); and Gilles Peterson, the EP hinted at the enormous potential of the duo, real names Max Wheeler and Victoria Port, to conquer the electronic-pop realm.


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