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September 3, 2008

It’s all “going down Hill”…..

going down hill?

….which was always kinda inevitable.

She had it all in her hands, and then pissed everyone off by being a bit too militant and off key.

However, along with D’Angelo, I wish Layrn Hill would make an album and put me out of my misery.

Anywayz, a new Lauryn Hill tune “World is a Hustle” popped up on OkayPlayer, and it’s kinda cool.

Well…?! It’s a new track but not a new recording. Some throw away from her album. But it sounds kinda fresh to me…

Maybe they’re feeding the hype on a new project :-)

Maybe not..?! The BBE party that I’ve been going on about isn’t happening this Friday.

It’s in December… the 5th

Don’t Ask..!!

but Prologue on Saturday at East Village with Tim Sheridan (Dope Smugglerz), Alex Phountzi (Bugz in the Attic), Leo Greenslade (YoYo) and myself… is definitely game…!!!

the bPm