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Azymuth Live

September 5, 2008

I’ve been a collector of every single Azymuth record since I discovered the group years ago.  Unfortunately I can’t say I have them all (I probably miss another 10 other albums in my collection) but every record I have sounds different (It’s like I can feel the Brazilian sun coming out of me!).  I must give some props to Kindred Spirits for putting me on the bill in Amsterdam @ the Brasilintime Premiere where I had the chance to meet Ivan “Mamao” Conti.  Such a unique drummer with an incredible smile, a pleasure to see on stage with Joao Parahyba and the unbelievable Tony Allen. Classic! Here’s a piece of the Azymuth show in Los Angeles on August 16th 2008; A celebration to Jackson Conti. What’s up Madlib…