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Back in the day…

May 26, 2008

I will never forget the day I got my very first Sony Walkman. It was the summer of 1993 on my 8th birthday and it is safe to say that that Sony Walkman changed my life. I used to spend every single Sunday afternoon recording my favorite tunes off the radio, thinking I was mighty cool the next day, showing up at school with all the latest tracks that were on the charts. I used up so many cassette tapes, and I still have most of them saved in a box somewhere in my room back home in Sweden. Of course the music isn’t the best and there’s commercial breaks and radio DJ’s talking over the tracks and what not. But that Sony Walkman was my most precious belonging and I took it with me everywhere I went.

Then I became a bit older, got over my boy/girlband phase, started to buy records, and spent a lot of my free time making mixtapes to people. Most of the time it was for my friends, people I was trying to impress or boys that I really liked. I used to have this weird obsession when I was making them which involved having the perfect song to start off the tape with, and then the following songs always had to “match” the previous song, and of course the last song had to be something amazing that would make the listener feel that they wanted more. Depening on which person I was making the tape to, I had different themes or subjects incorporated in the tape. For instance, if I was making a mixtape for one of my girlfriends, it would be a very basic mixtape. I would keep it very simple and only included songs I knew they liked. This would usually be pop songs from the charts and cheesy old songs. If I was making it for a boy I liked or somebody I wanted to impress, I would spice things up a bit, including songs I knew they would like, with songs I thought they would like but never had heard before, you know, to raise my “cool factor”.

Then the cassette died out completely, but I continued making mixtapes, although they were in real life just compilation CD’s. But much effort was put into them, making nice covers and sleeves, adding extra information and small notes about the artists and the songs. My frequent compilation making usually led to that I was in charge of the music at parties and it also landed me a couple of small DJ gigs.

I still get great satisfaction in making them, especially to people who appreciate them. Now that I have a more eclectic and bigger music collection, it has taken the whole thing to a different level. The themes and subjects have become more complicated, the artwork and small notes are more sophisticated. For example, I had a huge argument with one of my friends the other week about music. He said that you cant love music in a similar way that you love a person. That you can only feel passionate about music nothing else. Of course, I didnt agree with him for one second, so at the moment Im working on a small “project” to prove him wrong. This small “project” involves a series of CD’s with music that basically tells my life story. Or maybe life story is the wrong word, but its music that has inspired and shaped me into the person I am today. I bought a small notebook with a very pretty cover, and I have basically written a comment and an explanation for each and every track that I have included. Time consuming? Yes, very. But I have enjoyed doing it. I have 13 CD’s so far, and I think its amazing that each and every song has a special meaning or value to me, a special memory attached to it.

So yes, small story I wanted to share with you all. Oh! and I love getting them as well, but not many people like making them. So if anybody likes making mixtapes/compilation CD’s too, give me a shout. Maybe we could exchange some like back in the day (haha). Hope you have enjoyed your long weekend, even though the weather hasn’t been the best.

Much Love!