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Be a Gooner, Be a Giver

November 15, 2010

 We have been hearing a lot lately about footballers and their social responsibility and how they are bad role models for young people. Rather a lot of responsibility on the head of young men who just happen to be talented footballers – pay them enough every year to feed half the worlds starving and then expect them to act like saints. But we rarely hear about the positive side. So we have decided to highlight the activities of our local boys in red – the mighty Arsenal who as well as being the worlds greatest football team (what do you mean arguably?) also like to give something back to the community. We were suitably inspired by the news that members of the clubs staff are sleeping rough for a night as part of the Arsenal Charity of the Season Centrepoints work with young homeless in the UK. Incredibly, the Arsenal CEO Ivan Gazidis led the nights rough sleeping in Londons Spitalfields on a particularly nasty wet and windy November night. Perhaps this should inspire the entire Brownswood staff to join in too? What do you think?

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