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Beats @ Dour Festival

October 13, 2008

Last summer I organised a stage (for 6 years already) @ the Dour Festival 08.  The Festival celebrated its 20th anniversary and therefor I decided to make it a special one.  I invited a couple of producers to drop their best beats in front of a huge crowd; I was not sure it would work but it actually did quiet good.  I invited Hud Mo (who stayed a couple of days more), Dorian Concept (his Ep comes out on Kindred Spirits), Dutch finest Sir OJ and my favorite locals Infinitskills (check out their Ep “Nine”).  So everything was running smoothly and I saw Flying Lotus on the side thinking about coming on stage too; I told him to take place next to the other producers, the crowd went crazy when he came on and so did I.
Watch the video by clicking on the picture and make sure to be part of the Dour Festival next year.