MENU BLACKMAGIC @ Ancienne Belgique

BLACKMAGIC @ Ancienne Belgique

March 29, 2010

The Ancienne Belgique venue, in the heart of the capital of Europe, was sold-out for Jose James’ Blackmagic tour show;  the same venue that gave us an extraordinaire show with Jef Neve (who lives around the corner) as the John Coltrane Facing East tribute that some of y’all checked through the Ancienne Belgique website live stream.

Jose was sick, went to a doctor in Brussels and I hoped he would make it and when I saw him a couple hours before the show he looked ok, not 100% but able to perform a show.  I was opening for him and I always feel good opening for someone I really like and especially in my hometown.

The Blackmagic show was nice and I was curious to hear how the band would play the Flying Lotus beats; well, I must say they did a great job, loved the versions of “Made For Love” and “Blackmagic“, I think he started with “Code“, great one to start with!  ”Detroit Loveletter” was a tuff one, but my favorite joint of the night was “Love  Conversation“, with Jordana de Lovely, a great combo on stage…she’s great!!

Voila, the new show is definitely one to see as soon as possible if you haven’t seen it yet… I made a video of the night of course: