MENU BLACKMAGIC EP // Hold tight folks!

BLACKMAGIC EP // Hold tight folks!

February 4, 2010

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So you might recall us announcing the release of a limited edition 12″ by José James entitled BLACKMAGIC EP (pressed on crisp white vinyl) comprising four tracks featuring Flying Lotus, Moodymann, DJ Mitsu The Beats and Taylor McFerrin on production duties. It was scheduled for release to coincide with Jose’s new album, but has in fact been the longest running saga of all time…

To cut a long story short, the vinyl factory broke our lacquers before Christmas. Then the new lacquers got delayed on the way to the factory as everything ground to a halt when it snowed here. Then it snowed in France so the second set of test pressings (TPs) got stuck on the way to us. Then when the TPs turned up they were jumping. Queue factory blaming the mastering house, mastering house blaming the factory. Then a big row to get to the bottom of it. Then UPS attempted to deliver the third set of TPs to Brownswood at 8AM on three consecutive days, despite us telling them that nobody would be in the office til 10am. Then on the fourth day we traipsed in for 8am but by then UPS were refusing to come over anymore. Then when Emily tried to start her car to drive over to the UPS depot the battery was flat. Then her baby son got sick and everything else had to be put on hold. Anyway, she finally picked them up yesterday and they sound amazing. The white vinyl will probably be in the shops in about 5 weeks time. We will put a few TPs in our new store (hopefully launching next week).


They say good things come to those who wait…

1. BLACKMAGIC feat. Flying Lotus
2. DETROIT LOVELETTER feat. Moodymann
3. PROMISE IN LOVE feat. DJ Mitsu The Beats
4. LOVE CONVERSATION feat. Taylor McFerrin