A year of WWFM has flown by….

I’d like to thank everyone for their support of this ongoing project
Radio has always been my greatest love. from the earliest memories of my mum connecting with her french roots through France Inter
in our south london home to discovering music that changed my life on pirate stations like Radio Invicta and through djs
Greg Edwards and Robbie Vincent.
Little did I know that 40 years later I’d be setting up my own station through the internet!
My aim for the platform was to give an extra dimension to the shows I already present on both my syndicated shows and my work at the BBC.
Its been a wonderful way for me to hear new voices, new sounds and develop the already hugely rich landscape that club culture inhabits here in the UK and beyond.
The idea of being able to celebrate the great legacy acts as well as shine a light on emerging talent has been very rewarding already.
Its also helped me with my 6 music show… bringing that energy onto a different audience, I feel my shows have benefited hugely from the worldwide fm experience.
Today we celebrate 1 year. a year that has allowed us to broadcast live from all around the globe - shows in Mumbai and Lisbon, New Orleans and Milan - its been full on but so much fun too - and a great way to connect with like minded music fans from all corners.
In this time of over commercialisation and lowest common denominator rubbish I felt it was important to create a base for the music community I come
from - a place where Pete on the Corner can play Tanzanian xylophone orchestras next to new voices like Tash LC getting deep with producers like Batida - and a place where legendary names such as Francois K or Louie Vega can finally present radio shows to add to their already huge legacies.
I feel the time is right and the community hungry for more!
I hope you’ve been able to catch some of our output over this time - of course its never too late to join up and download the app! https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/worldwide-fm/id1198991671…
Its also all archived so you can slowly trawl through the hundreds of hours already established.http://worldwidefm.net/on-demand/
In just 12 months we’ve been able to make a significant dent in the listening habits of so many people - we’re blown away by the response we’ve received and the plaudits we’ve received. the radio landscape is changing daily - stations like NTS, Radar, The Lot, Soho Radio , Radio Meux, Red-Light, Mellotron are all adding to the listening experience… especially when radio is at an exciting new place… a place creating new possibilities and experiments around music, culture and art…. and we’re proud to be a part of it...
At this point I’d like to give extra thanks to
WeTransfer for supporting the launch and set-up of the station - without their support it would not have been possible to produce so much exciting programming. Also the amazing hard work and dedication of the Worldwide FM team - Dave, Mari, Aaron, George and Saoirse. Plus all the interns and part-timers who have worked tirelessly and for no pay, including Anja, both Sara's, Albert, Evan, Alex, Warren, Ilia, Erica, Ellie, Remi, Kenza, Marina. Our weekly international contributors - Jonathan Rudnick from LA, Lefto from Brussels, Toshio Matsuura from Tokyo and Anders from Paris.And of course all the presenters who have created such original content for us to enjoy. Too many to mention, but special thanks go out to Thris Tian, Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy, Leanne Wright, Emma Warren, Kassin, Jeremy Sole,Jimetta Rose, Channel One, Kate Hutchinson, Esa Williams and the Drummers Inc team (Malcolm Catto, Femi Koleoso, Tom Skinner) and to our new boys - Francois K, Laurent Garnier, Roni Size, Louie Vega and Danilo (MCDE).
and massive big ups to Thristian and Simon Goffe for pushing me hard to get this juggernaut off the ground….!
looking forward to another year of gentle radio subversiveness and global exchange….by the way we have a super exciting lineup today featuring amongst others Laurent Garnier’s first show for the station, another Andy Votel Niche Market and Roni Size discussing New Forms 20 years later... and all culminating in our party being broadcast from the Total Refreshment Centre with 22A Arkestra + loads of guests...


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