2018 Asia and Beyond Tour

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Looking forward to heading out and about today.

The 10 shows start tonight in Glasgow's Sub Club and tomorrow in Manchester's warehouse project before flying out to Singapore and on to Australia and New Zealand.

It’s been 3 years since I went down under and feels like a good time to return - as you know there’s been plenty going on there and Melbourne in particular has been delivering the musical goods! Thats why I’ll be spending extra time there to record a ‘We Down Here’ album with focus on the local scene.

I’ll also be doing some radio shows in a few of the cities: Auckland, Melbourne and Sydney for sure - but hopefully somewhere in Asia too… watch this space.

Here’s a list of all the shows…

nov 2 - Glasgow

nov 3 - Manchester

nov 5 - Singapore

nov 8 - Shanghai

nov 10 - Hong Kong

nov 12 - Bali

nov 14 - Sydney emc

nov 16 - Auckland

nov 18 - Sydney

nov 21 - Melbourne

nov 24 - Perth

Please come along if you can make it.

As I’m sure you understand its quite hard to get my music into 90 minute sets so I’ve asked for longer sets if possible.

Hopefully I’ll be averaging 3 hours which gives me the room to get as much in as possible!

Coming with 2 boxes —— 1 for the current selection and 1 for what I pick up on the way so don’t be shy in bringing me your sounds!

Rob aka Earl Zinger aka General Rubbish aka The Diabolical Liberty aka Doctor Therapy is joining me….he’ll be instagram storying and searching for vintage fisherman’s hats whist providing atmosphere and mood shifts during our sets together…

I will also attempt to play at least 1 of his songs on each gig whether it be a cheeky Galliano moment like this or a heavier jazz moment like this

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