MENU Blue Sky Black Death // Euphoric Tape 2

Blue Sky Black Death // Euphoric Tape 2

December 24, 2013

Blue Sky Black Death or BSBD, The conjoined force of Seattle producers ‘Young God’ and ‘Kingston’ have had a very busy year. With a solid remix of ‘Run The Jewels‘ track ’36″ Chain’ which was only available on the UK release via ‘Big Dada’ to the release of their new album ‘Glaciers‘ and continuing the mix tape appearances from the perfect match up with rappers like ‘Nacho Picasso‘ and ‘Key Nyata‘, thats not all that they have in store! Last week via their ‘facebook‘ they kindly stated to be dropping the second instalment from the Euphoric Tapes series, an instrumentals version of songs from the duo that have had the pleasure of being rapped on. With ‘Euphoric I‘ still in our day to day playlist Euphoric II has not come soon enough.

Aptly named ‘Euphoric II‘ BSBD delivered the second instrumental release via Soundcloud just in time to listen to on repeat whilst drinking mulled wine or spiced rum and indulging in chocolate cake along with a surprise set of track’s names Third Party Instrumental’s uploaded to their soundcloud earlier on in the week.