MENU Brownswood Basement // J'Danna Session

Brownswood Basement // J’Danna Session

December 17, 2012

First time we heard from J’Danna was at the Worldwide Awards back in January, where she covered a spirited dance rendition of Gil Scott Heron’s Winter In America. Since then, we’ve had the privilege to watch this 17 year old quietly grow and continue to share her gift of song. It was only fitting that we’ve invited J’Danna to our first Brownswood Basement unplugged session. This time she’s covered a personal family favorite – Bitty McClean “Walk Away from Love.” Her version feels like a modern day Christmas song, where the courage to love isn’t always decorated in tinsel and fairy lights. It’s honest and breathtaking. Pretty much the only way J’danna knows how to deliver.