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Brownswood Bubblers Eight // Hadyn

July 13, 2012

Brooklyn based Hadyn is next up on Bubblers eight, delivering electronic soul and haunting vocals with ‘Manchild’. We thought we’d share with you a little insight into this chapter’s featured artists. Check out Hadyn’s Soundcloud to see why he made the cut. The compilation drops on Monday 16th July, and you can pre-order the album direct from Brownswood, from Amazon or .

Listen to a teaser of the compilation below

Can you introduce yourselves please?

My name is Hadyn, I’m from Los Angeles CA and I have just recently moved back after living in Brooklyn for seven years.  I’ve released music under the name Phantom Lover and have done a lot of production work for and featuring other singers (Jesse Boykins III, Chris Turner, Fatima, Sarah White, Nicholas Ryan Gant to name a couple) but I’m now doing a solo project as well.  My background is mainly rooted in DJ culture and beat making but I’m now also drifting into a semi-singer/songwriter thing as well.

How would you describe your music?

Not really sure how to describe it, I tend to let other people figure that part out.  Feels best that way, otherwise it could do my head in.

Where do you draw your inspiration?

I could never leave behind my roots in DJing and beat culture, but I also find myself more and more inspired by classic songwriting, stuff that has a strong human element and a story.  I guess trying to find a bridge between style and substance is what moves me the most, something in between being innovative and being timeless.

When can we catch the live show?

I’m still rebuilding my studio here in LA but once I’m settled in I would like to put together a one man show using synths and loop pedals.  Also hope to get back into DJing eventually, I used to have a residency in Brooklyn but after 3 years of me playing old music they said  they wanted only Top 40 stuff.  I think that place is a sports bar now…

Where can folks check out you and your music? has links to my facebook and twitter.  I’m also on soundcloud at