MENU Brownswood Bubblers Eight // Rainy Milo

Brownswood Bubblers Eight // Rainy Milo

July 30, 2012

Last, but no means least in our profiles on artists featured on Bubblers 8 is Rainy Milo, who’s stunning track ‘Bout You’ features on the compilation, which is out now! You can order the compilation direct from Brownswood, from Amazon or  and listen to a teaser of the compilation below.

Can you introduce yourself please?

I’m Rainy Milo, 16 year old from south east london, who has a real love for good music

How would you describe your music?

My music is a sometimes odd mix of old and new, I’m often making nods to the different types of music I like, within my own music.

Where do you find inspiration for your music?

I usually find myself writing about things that have happened to me, I’m most honest when writing a song so I guess my inspiration is real life.

Where can folks check out your music?

I practically live on my blog : and you can find my latest music on and

Photo Credit: Tony Su