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Brownswood Bubblers Six // Pedestrian

October 25, 2010

As you may have guessed from the succession of Bubblers-related blog posts, we’re about to release the next chapter in our much loved series – Brownswood Bubblers Six. If proof were needed of the depth, richness and character (sorry – too much Masterchef on TV) of underground music in 2010, then Bubblers Six is solid gold evidence of a worldwide movement in positively rude health. Lovingly compiled by GP, it contains the usual blend of under-the-radar artists and undiscovered talent… and one such artist is Pedestrian – a producer operating in that wonderfully murky no-man’s-land between dubstep, techno, drum & bass and house (oh and check Brownswood electr*c if that vibe tickles your fancy). His contribution – ‘Hei Poa’ – floods the UKG template with gorgeous undulating pads, ticking drums and hypnotic synth lines… and it’s a killer!

Can you introduce yourself please?
I go by the name Pedestrian. I like to make beats that reflect my mood at the time and musically evolve throughout the track. Ideally I like to create music that you can enjoy at home or on your iPod but also something that gets a reaction on the dancefloor. I’m originally from Hertfordshire but I’m currently residing in sunny old Cambridge… It’s charming round these parts.

How would you describe your music?
A little bass-driven ray of sunshine on an otherwise cloudy morning… I try to keep it interesting.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
All over the place really… anything from a conversation with a stranger, to a chord change on a prog rock record. It’s hard to pin down but I definitely get a lot of inspiration from dance music across the board. I also really love tracks with unusual structures… keeps you on your toes.

What Pedestrian releases are out there for folks to pick up?
I’m involved in a few remix projects at the moment. First off is my remix of ‘How You Gonna Feel’ by Commix which is part of the ‘Re:Call To Mind’ remix album which will be out mid November on a limited 10″. (Marcel Dettman’s remix of ‘Satellite Type 2′ is on the flip!). You might have caught me playing at the launch party at Corsica Studios last month alongside Marcel Dettman, Commix, Instra:mental and Pangaea. I’m also working on a remix of June Miller’s ‘Half Top Feelings’ for Horizons Music. Finally, I’m starting to plan and get ideas together for my debut album which will be a long term project over the next couple of years.

Is there any Pedestrian freeness on the internet that we could point folks to?
Sure, I recently put together a mix for called ‘Dance Music for Home Listening’. It’s a blend of all the electronic bits ‘n’ pieces that have been tickling my soul recently… You can check it on Soundcloud too. The downloads are all maxed out but you can still download for free at the link below the track.

How can folks best keep up with your movements?
Best bet is to check my music at as I update it regularly. To hear what I’m up to gig-wise etc. my twitter account is @PedestrianUK.