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Brownswood Bubblers Ten // Bambooman

August 1, 2013

Up next, UK producer and hip hop head Bambooman tells us about the influences and inspirations which have had a bearing on the music he makes.

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Can you tell us a little bit about yourself please. Who are you, where are you from etc.?

Hi. My name is Kirk; I make music under the moniker Bambooman. I’m originally from a small Yorkshire village here in the UK but I’ve been based in Leeds for last few years.

How would you describe your music?

I’m a hip hop producer at heart. I work predominantly with my own instruments, found sounds and field recordings, which I treat in a similar way to say how someone would treat something ripped of vinyl that’s then chopped and sequenced on a sampler. Generally, I like using my own recordings rather than samples because it feels so much more rewarding and honest to me; when you make something from scratch knowing that every part of it is your own.

And every time I hear the tracks made with my own recordings I can remember where I was at when I recorded that sound, who I was with and what funny things happened that day – kinda like a musical scrapbook of memories.

From using these kinda processes and other experiments my sound has developed over time to where it’s at now.

I’m a bit of a day dreamer so my music is quite reflective.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Um… the everyday sounds around me. The weather often plays a big part in what I’m making especially if I’m recording stuff on the fly for a track. I try to take something good and learn from the all creative things I experience be it music or film or whatever instead of just dismissing something because it’s not immediately up my street. This helps the ideas keep ticking round in my head for new approaches to tracks.

Whom do you count amongst your most significant influences when it comes to production?

I love minimalist pioneers like Steve Reich, Terry Riley and more modern artists on that vibe such as bands like Battles and Don Caballero. I used to be in a band who did similar kinda stuff, so some of those ideas transferred into my music as Bambooman. I love Moondog too his percussive work is crazy. If you don’t know him, he played across this wild array of home-made instruments and the background sounds of the streets of New York in some of his recordings really makes them for me – though whether he intended to use it that way or it’s actually just the fact that the tracks may have been recorded on the street, I’m not sure.

On the hip hop side of things, listening to great artists like Edan, J Dilla, Madlib and UK Heavyweights like Chemo (Telemachus) and Kashmere(Strange U) have really helped shape my sound too.

What releases / gigs are out there or coming soon?

I’ve just done a remix of ‘Camberwell Carrots’ from Jehst’s The Dragon Of An Ordinary Family album that will be dropping soon on his YNR label and there’s another remix of a Chemo track which is due for release on YNR at some point as well. Then later this year there’ll be the follow up to the Hollowed EP, which we’re just working on finishing up the last few tracks for at the moment.

I’ve also produced an EP for London based singer, Segilola, which’ll be coming out on the King Deluxe label later this year. We’re both really excited about that…

Do you have a current DJ mix or any tracks that are available for free download right now that we could point folks to?

You can check my recent mix for Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide radio show here:

And also, there’s a recent mix I did for Sonic Router to promote the Hollowed EP:

There are lots of free tracks on my soundcloud ( too and be sure to check the two Sound Healers compilations which I’ve compiled over the last few years featuring music from artists like Crewdson, Daneat, Deft, Eckoclick, Soosh, S.Marharbra, Zack Christ and many more… Available to download for free at:

Where can folks go online to check out you and your music?

What are you going to do after this interview?

The same thing I do every night… try to take over the world!

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