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Brownswood Bubblers Ten // Paul Hill

August 15, 2013

We caught up with Paul Hill ahead of his release on Brownswood Bubblers Ten. Read what Paul had to say below and pre-order the album from these outlets:

Bandcamp / iTunes / Bleep / Juno / Amazon / Boomkat

Check the teaser for the album below:

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself please. Who are you, where are you from etc?

My name is Paul Hill, I’m born and breaded from Detroit, MI, the home of Motown and the birth of the car industry. I grew up on the east side of Detroit, just blocks away from The Downtown area. I lived near by the Brewster projects, the home of the legendary Supremes. I’m the only son of five kids, and being the only son was a task. My mother stayed on me hard so I would become the man that I am. I recently lost my mother just three months ago, but through her strength and goddlyness I’m doing alright. She wanted me to be strong and continue to do what I’m here to do, and thats making music for the world to enjoy.

How would you describe your music?

I describe my music as soulful gritty and gutsy. I love music that feels natural and analog, no matter what special effects or digital preferences chosen to alter the ambience surrounding the mood…….thats how I love to here music on my playback! My music has been considered spacious and uplifting, and that makes me feel good to know that I have done my job correctly. I call it therapeutic music for the soul!

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

That’s a tricky one! If I have to answer that, my answer would be that my inspiration draws me! I’m inspired by everything that lives and breathes. Lyrics and music are my inspiration. Everything I write about has already been written, mine is just my interpretation and another variable of my own expression of it.

Whom do you count amongst your most significant influences when it comes to production?

I get my music production style from everyone I hear; from The Motown sound, Gamble and Huff, George Clinton, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Also, from so many hip hop producers, Detroit’s J Dilla was one of my favourite upcoming producers, he also was discovered by a long life friend and writing partner of mine; Amp Fiddler, who is also one of my favourite producers. There are so many styles of producers that I like that its hard to say where I get the most influence from, but if I have to choose I would have to say the sound of Motown!

What releases / gigs are out there or coming soon?

I’m constantly performing all the time, you can check George Clinton web site for more info as I’m gigging all the time with P funk! My next shows are from August 16th through to September 5th. I will doing a promotional tour for my up-and-coming album “Malefunktion,” of which I’m still working on the final mixes, etc.

Do you have a current DJ mix or any tracks that are available for free download right now that we could point folks to?

I will doing additional DJ mixes from Moodymann and others Djs very soon!

Where can folks go online to check out you and your music?

My Facebook Page and I have some tracks on the Mahogani Soundcloud

What are you going to do after this interview?

After this interview I will back in the studio creating more magic! I’m currently working here in Florida with funk mastermind George Clinton, touching up and adding sparks to the album for you all to enjoy!

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