MENU Brownswood electr*c 3 // Album Teaser

Brownswood electr*c 3 // Album Teaser

August 31, 2012

Summer is on the way out… but we’ve got plenty of heat to keep things toasty way into the winter months – ha!

Following hot on the heels of Mala’s ‘… in Cuba’ LP we’re dropping the third instalment in our electr*c series – another neat ‘n’ tidy round-up of our favourite electronic music harvested from the Worldwide underground over the past 12 months. Myself (Alex Patchwork) and Tom McCarthy (Black Atlantic / Earnest Endeavours) on compiling duties.

Jammed with exclusive, previously unreleased material – the rewards of endless online trawling, Soundcloud sifting and Bandcamp rummaging – Brownswood electr*c 3 unveils brand new heat from Kidsuke (Kidkanevil and Daisuke Tanabe’s new project); the hotly tipped Djrum with Shadowbox on vocal duties; Brighton based duo Anushka (on a gorgeous Moodymann trip); The Risks (a Monolithium / Hrdvsion collaboration); Metabeats (Darkhouse Fam / C.R.S.T.); Jaded Laur (repping Glasgow’s All Caps crew); Plezier; Aftawerks; Russian king of the beats BMBxSpaceKid; Lost Twin and Frank Rodas.

Opening and closing proceedings respectively are Krampfhaft – the Dutch producer behind one of the most exciting (and slept-on) EPs of last year via Rwina Records – and Dub Phizix feat. Fox, whose twisted bashment-infused riddims command respect (and rewinds) from the likes of David Rodigan as much as dBridge. In simple terms Never Been is one of the biggest sound system killers of 2012, and we’re delighted to be able to include this exclusive VIP version. Also featured is Pomrad from Antwerp’s Ooh Wee clique – working the angles on a frenzied, bouncy West Coast funk tip.

01. Krampfhaft – Makin’ Magic
02. Kidsuke – Tiny Concrete Block
03. Djrum – Lies (feat. Shadowbox)
04. Lost Twin – Nothing
05. Anushka – Tried & Tried
06. Aftawerks – Girl
07. Plezier – Wild
08. Metabeats – Bootney Farnsworth
09. The Risks – Too Many Y Chromosomes
10. Pomrad – Hot Rain
11. BMBxSpaceKid – Labyrinth
12. Jaded Laur – Scarlett
13. Frank Rodas – Kick It VIP
14. Dub Phizix feat. Fox – Never Been (electr*c VIP)

Released 24th September 2012
CD // Digital