MENU Brownswood electr*c 3 // Artist Focus // KARBORN

Brownswood electr*c 3 // Artist Focus // KARBORN

September 25, 2012

Over the last few weeks we’ve been profiling the artists on the latest Brownswood electr*c compilation; deftly put together by Alex Patchwork (Brownswood/Earnest Endeavours) and Tom McCarthy (Earnest Endeavours/Black Atlantic). The comp shines a light on lesser known producers, naturally on a Worldwide tip.

Listen to a teaser of the comp below.

Next up we profile Karborn, the artist behind the electr*c series artwork.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself please. Who are you, where are you from etc.?
Partmongrel / partgoldleaf. Expelled to computer screens… evolved into cameras and paint. Part Mother Nature, part machine. You wouldn’t want to know about my childhood, it was wonderful.

How would you describe your art? And specifically the Nature’s Concrete series?
A glowing vision… Pure heady, submerged paradise… Fell headfirst into a Huxley mescaline trip. Beautiful, and elegant, but not innocent… Those petals fell from a great height and saw many things.

Where do you draw your inspiration?
Tiny, stark, detailed miniature realizations found peeking through the keyholes of abandoned industrial workshops.

Whom do you count amongst your most significant influences when it comes to art?
Bill viola, concrete, bulletproof, invisible, animated gifs, back-lit open doors at midnight, vinyl records of all colours and sizes, carl jung, vogue, oculart, manray and radiohead, in case I get a commission.

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What gallery shows / prints are out there or coming soon?
Prints appear irregularly on Some new exhibition and work soon enough…. Selfishly focused on discovery of new idea and technique… perhaps at cost of output right now…

Where can folks go online to check out you and your work? / Tumblr / Twitter

What are you going to do after this interview?
Solder the asr-10 and Epson 10000xl into life.

You can cop the album at the following sites / Brownswood Store // iTunes // Bleep // Boomkat // Juno

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