MENU Brownswood electr*c 3 // Artist Focus // Metabeats

Brownswood electr*c 3 // Artist Focus // Metabeats

September 13, 2012

As we ready the next instalment in the Brownswood Electr*c series, we’ll be profiling the artists featured in the weeks leading up to the release on 24th September. Alex Patchwork is on compiling duties once again, alongside Tom McCarthy (Black Atlantic / Earnest Endeavours) and the pair has unearthed another remarkable assortment of underground talent.

Listen to a teaser of the compilation below.

Jammed with exclusive, previously unreleased material – the rewards of endless online trawling, Soundcloud sifting and Bandcamp rummaging – Brownswood electr*c 3 unveils brand new heat from a host of electronic artists.

We caught up with Metabeats, one half of Darkhouse Fam, whose track ‘Bootney Farnsworth’ features on the compilation.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself please. Who are you, where are you from etc.?

I go by the name of Metabeats, also one half of Darkhouse Fam. I’m a workaholic and a lover of Lebanese cuisine, and i live in a small town on the outskirts of Cardiff called Barry, where there ain’t shit to do but make music.

How would you describe your music?

Something that I hate saying but true, music that’s made from the soul, not something that will have a shelf life and be hot for a minute. I try to keep that mentality at all times.

Where do you draw your inspiration?

That’s a question that will change all the time because I always come across new things. Weather it’s old or new. And it’s not always hearing music that sparks inspiration either. At the moment my inspiration is coming from a comedian from new york by the name of Joey Diaz. I love comedy skits on my records too so something as little as a joke can spark a beat for me

Whom do you count amongst your most significant influences when it comes to production?

I would have to give a top 5 on this one. In no particular order

1) Dilla

2) teddy Riley

3) joe zawinul

4) 90′s house music

5) digging for records

What releases / gigs are out there or coming soon?

I have my album dropping this autumn (dates coming soon) “caviar crackles” on associated minds. Artists featuring on it are…Action Bronson, oddisee, von pea (Tanya Morgan), vanity Jay, Ralph rip shit plus more.

Also the Darkhouse family “in & out” e.p dropped earlier this year that had a crazy response. DHF all day.

Do you have a current DJ mix or any tracks that are available for free download right now that we could point folks to?

You can check out some of our Darkhouse Fam mixes for gilespeterson worldwide and dazed digital on our soundcloud page. Also an album teaser for “caviar crackles” will be up on the associated minds website and soundcloud in the next few weeks.

Where can folks go online to check out you and your music?

Soundcloud / Metabeats

Soundcloud / Associated Minds

What are you going to do after this interview?

Pack my bags for tomorrows show in Berlin with my parter in crime and the other half of Darkhouse Fam,don leisure.

You can pre-order the compilation on iTunes here

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