MENU Brownswood FM // Magical Mystery Mix Part 1

Brownswood FM // Magical Mystery Mix Part 1

February 27, 2013

Music, chat and general tomfoolery direct from the recently renovated studio in the legendary Brownswood Basement. Watch out for random shows and live streams soon to come depending on Mr Peterson’s mood!


Here’s a little mix I did today from some fine music that was lying around. I hope you enjoy these arabic tendencies with a touch of modalism etceteraaaaa..

Here’s the game..
You must name the tracks and artists and the first one to get it right will receive a proper bundle of vinyl from Brownswood records and from the basement – some old and new in there….but I don’t think you’ll get it so I might as well throw in a copy of Donald Byrd’s Kofi if I can find my second one!

Good luck and good digging!


Watch out for more Brownswood FM shniblettes exclusive to this channel…

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