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Brownswood x Amsterdam

October 24, 2008


Yes, as you can see we had lots of fun last night at Bar Struik (in Amsterdam).  This was part of the Amsterdam Dance Event organised by & K-Space (What’s up Jonathan…).

It all started at the K-Space store where the bPm and myself dropped a set to get the people into a Brownswood mood (and it actually worked…); That was right before Gilles‘ short interview on his musical career and/or influences; It was an instructive talk with Jonathan (who also knows a lot about music..).  Free drinks and very nice people; it’s always good to see familiar faces too (Aardvarck, the Kindred Spirits family, Future Vintage, Full Crate..), thanks for passing by (and thanks to the Belgians who were in the building too) and props to the K-Swiss crew, you really did a great job.

- “Where’s The Bass?”
After the intro at K-Space we were heading to Bar Struik, a cozzy bar with a lotta people (last night); making it even difficult to reach the dj set-up.  The sound wasn’t that good (we had a little monitor), but I think we never had so much fun on a bad soundsystem as we had yesterday.  It was a good example of a “dunno don’t care” situation; Thristian and me did a back to back set which resulted in a very eclectic set (very!), but that was probably the best way to entertain ourselves and to forget about the bad soundsystem (the what?).  Gilles came in and ripped the venue and ripped my headphones too (haha..), using them as a microphone to hype up the crowd a little (that fake 2009 New Year countdown was crazy…suckaaaaz).  Dimi aka Shaft did a good job for us at Struik as well as the crew behind the bar serving us the drinks we needed to get through the night.  Amsterdam was live last night and I can’t wait to see what next year will bring (for Brownswood) @ the Amsterdam Dance Event.
It was a wicked thursday night, don’t believe me, watch this:

Thanks to Gilles, The bPm, Jonathan (Oh yeah, thanks for giving us a short, Ilse, Nina, Shaft and everybody involved.