MENU Burial, Four Tet and Thom Yorke split new single

Burial, Four Tet and Thom Yorke split new single

March 16, 2011

You may remember the Burial and Four Tet team up back in 2009 on Moth/ “Wolf Club” single. Now the duo is joined by Radiohead front man Thom Yorke for another astonishing piece.

Those who’ve missed the debut track play of Ego and Mirror on Floating Points vs. Four Tet’s session on Rinse FM last night from, not all is lost. Thanks to YouTube and bootleg track editing, we can enjoy the genius collaboration of Burial, Four Tet and Thom Yorke countless times. If you’re after the real version, you’ll have to keep your eyes out for re-distributions via Four Tet’s Text imprint. The digital release was sold out on Bleep in 3 minutes and the 12” pre-orders from Rough Trade was sold out even before the debut Rinse FM play.

Both tracks reflect the geniuses at play- whilst the signature sounds of burial is present, Thom Yorkes far-flung vocals works harmoniously with the drifty beat and shadowy percussions. Nuff’ description, let the track do the talking.