MENU Classic!


September 8, 2008

So, this morning my homeboy Alex from posted a classic documentary we (as hiphop fans in Belgium) all saw back in the days.  The documentary is called “Big Fun in the Big Town”.  It was hosted by Belgian reporter Marcel Van Thilt, a collegue, but nowadays also a mainstream figure of Flanders’ TV.  He worked for the VPRO (Netherlands Broadcasting Company) at that time but was also working for MTV (You might recognise his face).  Anyway, the documentary shows extremely dope footage from the beginnings of “Rap music” in New York City; Grandmaster Flash, LL Cool J (At Grandma’s house!), Doug E Fresh and many more are featured in this documentary.  It is divided in five pieces on Youtube but I’ll give you piece n°1 and go check the other four on my buddy’s page.  It’s classic like that!
I’m sure you enjoyed it.