MENU Daymé Arocena // Madres Remixes // Out Now

Daymé Arocena // Madres Remixes // Out Now

October 26, 2015

Madres was the first introduction most people had to this exciting new talent on Brownswood’s roster. Discovered through one of Gilles’ trips to Cuba for the Havana Cultura project, Daymé’s music is a crucial bridge between the rhythmic traditions of her home and different strains of modern pop and electronic music.

Zepherin Saint, co-founder of Tribe records, channels the spirit of a Cuban fiesta to amp up the intensity. Daymé’s vocal is still a focal point, while a house-inflected groove and big trumpets raise things to fairly epic proportions.

NTS host and fast-rising producer Throwing Shade mix strips things back: Arocena’s vocals and the dink of the percussion are run through the echo chamber to drift atop no bullshit kickdrum and 808-style claps. Throwing Shade’s known for her rich, globally scattered record collection but here she cuts straight to the point.

The final rework, by Ron Basejam (the alias of Crazy P co-founder James Baron) keeps things steady and introduces an earworm bassline to hark back to a golden age of groove-led house music. Baron’s a dab hand at channeling nostalgia into productions that capture what it is that’s so exciting about his inspirations.

Preview the remixes below and download them from:

Bandcamp // Juno // iTunes