MENU Dayme Arocena // Signs to Brownswood

Dayme Arocena // Signs to Brownswood

February 19, 2015

Brownswood are delighted to announce that we have signed Cuban chantuesse Daymé Arocena.

Daymé was part of the Havana Cultura Mix project, which saw Gilles Peterson mentoring selected producers from around the world to make a record in Cuba with local musicians. She auditioned, prompting all producers to decide they wanted to work with her… In the end, she sung on three tracks on the album, including the massive “U Knew Before”. Seeing huge potential in her, Gilles invited her to London to perform at the album launch event, where she enchanted the packed out audience, and it was decided she should record a solo project for Brownswood Recordings / Havana Cultura. The announcement brought out a loud, rich, infectious laugh instantly recognizable as Dayme’s deep and chocolaty voice. “My first record, here,” she squeals. “It’s a crazy dream.”

You can stream / download a track from Daymé.

Sung in Yoruba & Spanish, Daymé explains that “Madres” is a prayer song to her two mothers in the Santeria religion.

YEMAYA: Mother and mistress the sea (and all salt waters to be exact). First source of life.
OCHUN: Mother and mistress of the Rivers (all sweet and fresh waters). Goddess of fertility, beauty, femininity and motherhood.

Going through her Santeria ceremonies Daymé is the “daughter of two waters” so Yemaya and Ochun are her spiritual mothers.
Everything she does or sacrifices for one, she also needs to do for the other one – she must love, adore and respect them in the same way.