MENU Deviation


August 31, 2008

Benji B’s “Deviation” party goes down on Wednesday September 3rd; this time he invites this talented young man Dorian Concept (Who I had the chance to meet earlier this summer) from Austria, you have to see him rock the Korg (or the Casio), it is just insane like that! By the way, the whole night will be a “Nod Navigators” night, the instrumental beat serie going out of Kindred Spirits. Aardvarck (Smirf!) released the previous volume and Dorian is up next; i can’t wait!!! Of course i can’t forget to mention Cinnaman (Beat Dimensions), he’s fresh! So, i guess this party will be all about beats and ummm… beats! Man, i need to take that Eurostar to London at least every first Wednesday of the month.