MENU Diggs Duke // The Pinnacle // Okay Player Premiere

Diggs Duke // The Pinnacle // Okay Player Premiere

August 18, 2014

Producer/composer Jonathan Meacham aka Diggs Duke gives fans the first taste of a stellar composition from his forthcoming The Upper Hand & Other Grand Illusions EP with the debut of the new single “The Pinnacle” (Of Class And Taste). The track drops ahead of the project’s scheduled September 1st release via Brownswood Recordings. The Washington-based producer/composer’s impending compilation follows the critical success of the Offering For Anxious LP, which arrived in 2013 and cemented him as rising force. The project is an examination of love which dissects courtship and the power struggles endemic to intimate relationships against the backdrop of a carefully crafted but decidedly stripped down arrangement. The decision to eschew noise in favor of nuance on “The Pinnacle” has resulted in a subtle but undeniable funk teeming with the blush colored warmth of infatuation and all of the fragility and beauty of a heart before it’s had the chance to break. “The Pinnacle” is one of a handful of snapshots that make up the release packed with synths, great storytelling and sonic allusions to his diverse musical influences. Diggs Duke explains the importance of “The Pinnacle”