MENU Dorian Concept NYE Mix for LuckyMe

Dorian Concept NYE Mix for LuckyMe

January 5, 2010


Dorian Concept made moves in 2009. His album ‘When Planets Explode’ on Kindred Spirits was dope, but it was his live shows (showcasing remarkable dexterity on his microKORG) and perhaps most significantly his club-wrecking anthem ‘Trilingual Dance Sexperience’ which slayed dancefloors from London to Tokyo and way beyond. He spent NYE in Glasgow with the gentlemanly LuckyMe crew (the close-knit music/art collective) drinking Buckfast, freezing his nuts off and wielding his microKORG like a Fender Strat. While he was there he found time to record a mix – WHOOP! – it’s newly available for download and is the latest in the impeccably compiled LuckyMe Mixtape series. Check it.