Earnest Endeavours // DARKHOUSE FAMILY // ‘BROCKWILD’ EP

February 19, 2014

Earnest Endeavours are ever releasing new and intriguing music much to our appreciation, and come March 10th their artist’s ‘Darkhouse Family’ will be putting out their second EP on the label. Incredible art direction and production is always a certainty from the EE camp, making the vinyl a very nice addition to your collection and for your instagram.

“Its been a while but we hope this year has started well for each and every one of you. Firstly we wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone that has supported our projects over the last year or so – from the label projects to our music x film events in London – we wanted to let you know how much your support means to us and the EE family of artists. So THANK YOU!


Whilst we’ve kept these mails sparse to avoid clogging up your inboxes – we had to reach out to give you a heads up on our next EE label release (our first of 2014). We’re hugely excited to announce Darkhouse Family’s ‘Brockwild’ EP – released on 12″ vinyl + digital on 10th March 2014.


The follow up to 2012′s ‘In & Out’ EP (which featured collaborations with Om’Mas Keith, Vanity Jay and B. Bravo) is a strictly instrumental affair comprising dungeon beats, dark arts hip hop and a heartfelt homage to a dearly departed soul.


The stunning artwork is created by Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic, inspired by the New York-based artist and director’s filmic installation at the Detroit Design Festival, ‘Works of Ink & Pressure’ – a continuation of his award-winning short film Scriptura Vitae.


  You can stream 3 of the EP tracks below – ‘Brockwild’, ‘Elephant Large’ and ‘Press Continue (One for Challis)’. ‘Arphouse’ (the deadly collaboration with Arp101) will be unleashed shortly – but we’ll bring you more news of that and how to get your hands on the ltd. edition vinyl + print package soon. Enjoy!