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Euro trippin’

June 1, 2009

It really felt like trippin’… everything went so fast this weekend.  I started my weekend at Brussels-Midi station where I hooked up with Westbeech coming from Amsterdam.  The driver from the Jazz Juice venue picked us up for an hour drive to Bruges.  Jazz Juice is a monthly concept of parties in Bruges, it’s all in the name so no explanation needed right?  bPm and myself are residing these events and that’s a good thing.  The Concertgebouw is definitely not the best place for events like that but it was the first time there so if you never tested before how would you know?  It’s a modern building, big room but very cold, big concrete walls, reminds me of bunkers ;) but why not after all…


So the party started with the Juice messengers, a local crew of deejays, good selections, good guys.  People came in late, a usual thing in Belgium, enjoying drinks by a terrace at their favorite coffeebar.  Anyway, I did my thing while people got in, grabbed the mic, trying to get the crowd with me and it worked in a way.  I passed the turntables to my partner Ben W; who’s computer bugged and the mixer was already a bummer for us deejays; Allen & Heath but the one with a crossfader that fucks up the sound when you move it towards the middle, yeah but whatever!!! Next time we’ll get that Pioneer, in Pioneer we trust!

Gilles Peterson, bPm and myself suffering of hayfever, but that wasn’t enough to go wrong, Fatima was with us, she’s a natural killer… and yes she killed it in Bruges.  Overall, an okay night, lots of people, could’ve been more if students had no exams around this time of the year, end of May is a bad period to do gigs I think, well, then again it depends.  Back to the hotel and in the morning to Lille for a TGV to Paris. Word!


So here we are, in Paris, Gare du Nord after 1h ride from Lille.  You definitely know you’re in Paris when you see soldiers looking at you with big guns like if you’re suspect haha.  Glad to see we were in that same hotel as a couple months ago, Mama Shelter, the only hotel with a hiphop lobby, when we walked in De La Soul was playing.  Hotel is nice, you definitely need to come and stay here for one night or two if budget is not a problem.  Walking in the neighbourhood which is close by the Père Lachaise cemetary, yes the one hosting Edith Piaf’s grave and so many others, Oscar Wilde, Gainsbourg.

We were still dead from the night before so at 5pm we headed back to the hotel for a nap right before leaving for the beautiful venue called le Nouveau Casino.  Very nice restaurant, very nice little room and a nice big room with a good sound, apparently it depends who’s behind the knobs.  I was really happy to see Manu from way back in the days, Nassima from Nujazzspirit and definitely Gui from the WF, after Singapore it’s always nice to see the family again.  The night started smoothly with a set by Gilles in the small room playing only Brazilian stuff, promoting his new compilation Brazilika on Far Out Recordings.
In the main room it was Da Vince and Nick playing the good sounds, the really did a nice warm-up I think.  Then came the boss Gilles Peterson, in a complete freestyle session, definitely on point during the whole set, the dancefloor was on fire and they just loved it, a bit of everything for the masses right before Fatima does her 3 songs.  And again, as in Bruges, she killed it, bomb!


That was the perfect transition, I could take over from Gilles Peterson for a short set, I couldn’t resist playing a couple french hiphop tracks I knew the crowd would love such as Supreme NTM and Fabe, really loved those tunes back in the days.  The bPm was up next for a set until the end, respect!  I left with a buddy a bit earlier, walking to the hotel, not too far but not really close. ;)   Props to Gilles Peterson for giving us a nice weekend, bPm for making me laugh so much (thanks to the Tequila shots in Bruges), Fatima for being fun and the whole WF crew and people who came down to enjoy this beautiful night.  Up to the next one.  Worldwide Baby!