EVERYDAY BLUE NOTE out 24-02-10 in JAPAN!!!

February 22, 2010


….was the 70th Anniversary of the legendary Jazz label – BLUE NOTE RECORDS!
Gilles and J-WAVE WORLDWIDE15 Program (Daily 16:05-20) were asked to introduce BLUE NOTE RECORDS to Tokyo through radio!!
What we did was to have Gilles choose 1 piece a day and play a BLUE NOTE tune EVERYDAY from the 150 re-issues – we called it “Everyday Blue Note”.


Gilles was chosen to release a compilation from BLUE NOTE! And YES, the compilation is called “Everyday Blue Note” !!

GP put together some old, some new, some rarities and a couple of masterpieces and created an 80 minute musical journey!! All the tracks were separated but with no gaps between the tracks so you can enjoy this CD as one long Blue Note Story or listen to the tracks separately!

Marinx’s Everyday Blue Note journey:

When I was about to leave my house for a business trip to see the Total Eclipse,
I got this call from my boss and got all stressed … I am about to go to this tiny island where I probably wouldn’t get to use my cell phone!!
“How Would I Organize this!?”
Moreover, asking Gilles to play Blue Note Tune every single day…!? It would give him only 3 more songs of freedom on the show.

To give this kind of restriction to Gilles Peterson…. woooo I was worried. nervous.. my tommy ache!!
BUT ….All turned into very POSITIVE!!

Thank god that Mr. Gilles Peterson is a real gentleman!! Gilles is the master of Radio Presenter and a true Music Selector!

But by the end of Autumn 2009

I changed my opinion and  happily thought that it was our honor to carry on”Everyday Blue Note” on J-WAVE.
In return, Gilles received big piles of the re-issues and
Now, he is all over the Japanese BLUE NOTE Website called “Blue Note Festival” to introduce many master piece to
Japanese Jazz Fans.

At the End of it all, I say Everyday Blue Note was essential for J-WAVE to play proper Blue Note Tracks if they say that their slogan is “the Best Music on the Planet”!!

Who gets tired of listening to 1 nice Blue Note track a day!? Not me!

Everyday ”mainichi” 毎日
Blue Note “BULOO NOHTO” ブルーノート