MENU Ewen Spencer // Brandy & Coke // Golden Days Of UK Garage

Ewen Spencer // Brandy & Coke // Golden Days Of UK Garage

January 14, 2014

In the latest addition of the Doc X series on Dazed Digital comes what will for some be a nostalgic look back into the early days of the UK garage scene and bring all the great memories flooding back, but for most including myself  is just a small reminder of everything that us so-called 90′s babies missed out on.

With features from the likes of Creed, Sticky, Ruff Cut, Steve Gordon, Scott Garcia, DT and Noodles, this is a great insight to what could be regarded as the greatest musical movement emerging from the heart of the London, along side pirate radio.

This mini-doc from garage photographer and author Ewen Spencer is a little taster into what it was like in the mid 90′s garage scene beyond the music, including fashion, drinks of choice and regrettably its downfall.

“When garage was in its infancy, and it was underground everybody cared about it, you wouldn’t do something that would damage the scene. We made it and We grew it, So at the end of the day, we loved it.” – Creed