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September 26, 2008

A couple of video’s for you to wind outta the week off….

Flying Lotus – Parisian Goldfish

please note: This video contains al kinds of things that you may not want to see… Not sure if it explains what a Parisian Goldfish is? Poisson Rouge.. quite happy because that’s about as far as my french goes…!!!

Your gonna have to click here. As its banned on YouTube..!!?! Is that possible?


AND…!!! Another one is..!!

The New Roots Manuva video fro “Let the Spirit”… The next single and of the best tracks on the album IMO..!!


A very honest video, just like te rest of the album… Respect to the Rodney Smith.

“It’s an arrogant fuckin’ ting innit”

Look out for his upcoming “Slime & Reason” tour… I’m gonna be providing the DJ support for Germany. So see you in Berlin on November 13th, and Heidelberg on November 14th.


and… I’ve taken a mini residence in Brussels with the Sophie’ dem.

Back in the smoke tommorow, but I guested with Lefto & Gus on “De Hop”.

Had loadsa fun… even if my mix was a bit shady!!!

Propa rundown coming on my blizog. But for now, try and check it on


the bPm xx

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