MENU Explosion at Brownswood...

Explosion at Brownswood…

January 15, 2009

So? I was preparing to go live for the first time with the Peterson at Brownswood… Started making a coffee on your standard “coffee maker”.

Left it to do it’s thing?

AND? The coffee exploded!! Everywhere… coffee bits all over the laptop, wall, cd’s, vinyl EVERYWHERE!!

Scared the shit out of me… and created a needless mess!!

If anyone can help explain…?

Anyway..!!! It meant no pre-show coffee at midnight, so had to drink the shit that comes out of the Radio One vendor thingy.

Luckilly for you guys… there’s no need to stay awake till 4 in the morning… you can always listen again on the BBC iPlayer.

… even tho’ some of the massive are still burning that apres midnight candle!!!

Shouts too… Dayo (Brownswood Board), DJ Garfld, Michelle aka the Fragil, Dave Mac, Rypy, Karim, Gavin all amongst the live listener massive, giving us the fuel to stay awake (the coffee didn’t) on Facebook and the Brownswood Message Board.

Special big up goes out to the Sophie ‘dem and her MC crew, raving it out to the show in ”the BeNeLux Region”.

Soon to get the live twitter / messageboard business up and running… so we can all chat together.

Another 25 to go, home by 5…. In Soul Jazz by 11.

Come in and say yo… there every Thursday and Friday.

the bPm

**back from my festive hiatus**

Hope you all had a good one?