MENU 'Finding Fela' // A Film By Alex Gibney // In Cinemas September 5th

‘Finding Fela’ // A Film By Alex Gibney // In Cinemas September 5th

September 3, 2014

Academy Award winning director Alex Gibney returns to UK screens this friday with ‘Finding Fela’, an utterly compelling and hypnotic portrait of visionary Nigerian musician and social activist, Fela Kuti.

‘Finding Fela’ is the story of the man who created the musical movement Afrobeat, and who then went on to use it as a form of political protest against the Nigerian dictatorship, becoming a revolutionary, hero and legend.

To tell the story of Fela Anikulapo Kuti, director Alex Gibney cuts in interviews with family, friends and bandmates; with incredible footage culled from 1,200 hours of film; and then weaves in scenes from the Broadway production of Fela! during its run in Lagos. The result is a colourful and breathtaking film that comprehensively reveals the life of a man, who was both a musical genius and political activist but also unpredictable, explosive and above all enigmatic.

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is out now on Knitting Factory Records; with music by Fela Kuti & Africa 70/ Nigeria 70/ Egypt 80, Koola Lobitos and the Fela!Band (from the musical) with special guest Femi Kuti.

Listen to Fela’s “Power Show (edit)” from the soundtrack.