MENU finding the original.... part 2

finding the original…. part 2

September 4, 2008


So I wrote finding the original… the other day on my blog.

Then I start receiving feedback on how amazing Cuba is from Gilles (check his blog)…. and then this arrives in my email from Gianstep.

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Tito Puente Willie & Ray Mambo

Fania are re-releasing all 5 volumes. Nice….

What’s the deal with Castro now? He’s not dead is he? Just keeping his finger in the pie?

It’s about time I go!! cigars… beaches…. Havana clubs…. THE MUSIC…. THE HISTORY….

Gimme a well deserved slap if i mention how much i wanna go to Cuba again…!!

You can listen to a couple more tracks get more info on Tito Puente : The Complete 78s Volume 1 1949-55 from here

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