MENU FREE DLs // Soulection's Sango with a Baile-Funk flip

FREE DLs // Soulection’s Sango with a Baile-Funk flip

February 12, 2013

When folks in the UK and Europe talk about the flourishing electronic music scene in LA, the focus inevitably falls on Brainfeeder which is pretty understandable with FlyLo as its figurehead. There is, however, way more to LA (and Cali) than Brainfeeder if you scratch the surface and the mighty Soulection label (shouts to Joe Kay) is one such stable that has been steadily building momentum in recent years. Watch out for their forthcoming label compilation ‘Time In Between’ (21st Feb 2013) – an excellent snapshot of the label’s sonic ethos – but in the meantime, check Sango’s ‘Otra Vez EP’ which offers up a fresh take on Latin club music and the jam – ‘Vem Vem’ – which you can cop for free above.

“This EP is about representing and celebrating Latin America’s diverse music. With styles of music such as Bachata/Meregue, Reggaeton, Salsa, Cumbia, Samba, and Tribal-Guarachero… I want to decode the music and create these styles of music in my perspective.

Boricua — Moreno — Colombiano — Dominicano — Americano — Méxicano — Brasileiro — Cubano”



Warning: contains music that may be construed as “trap” or “trappist” (not the monks) so if you’re likely to be offended, I suggest you don’t click through.